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Indicators and Methods for Cross-Sectional Surveys of Vitamin and Mineral Status of Populations

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Authors: Jonathan Gorstein, Kevin Sullivan, Ibrahim Parvanta, and France Begin
Publication date: May 2007
Source: Nutrition International (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


This manual is intended for those involved the design and implementation of surveys to assess vitamin and mineral deficiencies, as well as the planning, implementation, analysis, and reporting of survey results. Included are the procedures and tools necessary to undertake a cross-sectional survey that will provide estimates of the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia, iodine and vitamin A deficiency. Such surveys are usually carried out periodically to provide information that should lead to advocacy and appropriate intervention strategies. When carried out sequentially, surveys can be used to track progress of prevention and control efforts over time.

Information on the coverage of prevention and control programs (such as vitamin A capsule distribution, salt iodization, and flour fortification) are also included.




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