Nutrition Leverage and Influence for Transformation (NLIFT) is a pioneering initiative that seeks to integrate nutrition interventions into existing development programs, platforms or networks that do not already focus on nutrition.

With a 25 million dollar anchor investment provided by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada, this Nutrition International-led initiative collaborates with exciting new partners in health, education, agriculture and other newcomers to the nutrition landscape. NLIFT’s partners are all dedicated to improving the lives of millions of women, adolescent girls and young children in Asia and Africa. The innovative model attracts partners that want to integrate nutrition into their established programming to bring greater benefits to their beneficiaries. These partners are pioneers who are drawn to the opportunity to make an even bigger impact on the world. Leveraging their strengths, reach and resources, NLIFT develops investments that have immense potential to scale and replicate at the local, regional and global levels.

NLIFT makes four types of investments to catalyze the integration of nutrition into development efforts: advocacy, analytical, innovative finance, and programmatic.

At the heart of all NLIFT’s work is the health of women and adolescent girls. The goal to improve nutrition and support women’s equality and agency is interwoven into each investment.


The NLIFT portfolio consists of diverse investments across a variety of sectors, which are carried out throughout Asia and Africa.

NLIFT works like a financial portfolio designed to maximize return on investment (ROI) for vulnerable people in Asia and Africa. In NLIFT’s case, ROI is measured using the following four outcomes:

  1. LEVERAGE: The financial commitments and in-kind support that NLIFT leverages from partners that drive resources to nutrition that would otherwise be used in other areas.
  2. REACH: The millions of vulnerable communities in Asia and Africa that NLIFT aims to reach.
  3. IMPROVED HEALTH & NUTRITION: Demonstrated impact on the health and nutrition status of the target population.
  4. BENEFICIARIES’ ECONOMIC WELL-BEING: The tangible financial benefit of an NLIFT investment, which may ultimately entice national governments to contribute resources to the investment.

NLIFT investments use existing program platforms and networks, leveraging partners strengths, reach and resources to reach vulnerable people, especially women and adolescent girls. With this approach, NLIFT aims to reduce missed opportunities and expand the reach of effective nutrition interventions to ultimately improve health and nutrition outcomes and improve the economic future in Asia and Africa.


To date, NLIFT has made 10 investments with 12 co-investing partners, leveraging $20 million in financial resources and in-kind contributions from partners.

Innovation delivered by NLIFT and partners will benefit 20 million women, girls and children in 16 countries in Asia and Africa.

Our partners include:



Bill Burns, Program Assistant
Constance P. Nana, Nutrition Technical Advisor
Erik Nielsen, Portfolio Director
Judith Nihorimbere, Project Officer
Rowena Sugay, Program Manager