Anjali Bhardwaj, Lucy Murage, Shibani Sharma, Dhian Dipo, Christine Makena, Marion Roche, and Mandana Arabi, MD, PhD.
Emergency Nutrition Network Field Exchange , Issue 66, pages 40-43.

Published: November 1, 2021


Since 2015, Nutrition International (NI) has built upon previous work in Chhattisgarh, India and begun to work with national and sub-national governments in eight African and Asian countries to implement adolescent nutrition programmes under the ‘Right Start’ initiative (2015-2020) which includes WIFAS and nutrition education to reduce anaemia. While all programmes are based on WHO recommendations, each one is tailored to fit national nutrition and anaemia reduction strategies so no two are identical. This article shares diverse learning experiences from programme implementation over the past several years.





Adolescent Girls


Folate/Folic AcidIron

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Knowledge Translation